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simplicity - you dont get what you dont train for. simplicity is key to strength training and body transformation. if you want to build muscle, you have to stick with training that BUILDS MUSCLE. so thats what we do. we focus on the basics. the basics are our most effective exercises for building muscle. squats, presses, deadlifts, rows, swings, pull-ups, lunges, carrys. our classes switch between true traditional strength training, where we focus on load and execution, and strength endurance, where we train our body's capacity to work for longer time periods without fatiguing. these two class types are structured for maximum muscle growth

structure - this is probably what sets us aparts from the rest. if you have done some strength training before, you know that learning proper execution and how to format your workouts can be completely overwhelming. how can you learn this and still have a life without hiring a coach? STRENGTH ACADEMY. our workouts are built with a long term goal of full body development. in order to effect that change, we focus on a few priority muscle groups or movememnts each month. we put a large amount of work into those muscle groups over the course of 4 weeks, and then we switch it up

Instead of focusing on getting better at EVERYTHING, we have one focus: STRENGTH



Too much exercise, not enough training. Unfortunately, group training has been dominated by programs that love to make people jumping jack, burpee, and bike their way into a sweaty mess. Sure, you FEEL tired. You might even feel sore. And boy, it hurt, so it must have worked. But how much did your body change? You probably lost some weight. But, did all that jumping around actually make you any stronger or more muscular? 

This is where STRENGTH ACADEMY excels. We focus entirely on strength training. 


1) we want to address the #1 reason most of us ever step into a gym in the first place. WE WANT TO LOOK BETTER! and that toned, athletic look simply doesnt come from a spin bike or a treadmill. strength training can drastically change the shape of your muscles for the better. and the best part is, that change doesnt go away easily! once you have the muscle, it stays   

2) Getting stronger makes life easier. everyday tasks are easier. playing with your kids is more fun than taxing, your posture is better, walking is easier. everything we do relies on the strength and efficiency of our muscles. most people spend every year from 25-death getting slowly weaker, watching the activities they once loved slip out of their grasp. and what happens when your strength and movement go? so does your confidence. you feel terrible, you look terrible, and you are constantly reminded by that voice in the back of your head that you used to feel a lot better.

We build stronger bodies. It's that simple. And in our experience, if you don't focus on it, you don't achieve it. 


If you want to run a marathon, you practice running.


If you want to put your legs behind your head, you practice yoga.


And if you want want to look and feel stronger and more muscular, you go to STRENGTH ACADEMY!

STRENGTH ACADEMY is your answer to 








is the answer to the problems that keep most people from getting fit. 

Problem #1 - STRUCTURE

You get motivated, get a gym membership, but what do you do? Maybe hit the treadmill, maybe try out a few machines, but then what? Your results are only ever going to be as good as your training program. And who has time to become an expert in programming? Well, we do. We take care of the programming for you. No more guessing which exercise is best or how long you should rest or how many repetitions you should do. At STRENGTH ACADEMY, you show up and we have designed the program specifically for continued progress


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