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The sea is a mystery. A lethal combination of strength and beauty. Peace one moment. Utter chaos the next. The ability to grant life…and to take it away. Only one possesses both the tranquility and the rage to rule such a force: Poseidon. Armed with his mighty trident, the god of the sea is as powerful and mysterious as his surroundings. But even a God must earn their power. Poseidon’s body was chiseled by constant battle with the sun, the wind, and the waves. Muscles rippling under the stress of corralling the most magnificent force known to man. This month we will attack our training with the ferocity of Poseidon, god of the sea! Prepare yourself. The storm is coming…


The Poseidon program is a high-rep muscle endurance program using Tri-Sets to push the muscles through their toughest challenge yet. Each day, you will be presented with two Tri-sets, three exercises performed one immediately after another using the same muscle group. We will start heavy, pushing big weight on Hip Thrusts, Pull-Ups, Floor Press, and Box Step-Ups. As soon as the heavy lift finishes, we will move to a high-rep lift using the same muscles. Cossack squats, Landmine RDLs, Bench Rows, Military Press. Nothing to be afraid of, right? But wait, there’s more! To finish each tri-set, you will rep out on a single muscle, feeling the same burn you learned to embrace in our Inferno program. The challenge in Poseidon is to treat each tri-set like its one lift, performing to your maximum on every single round.

Will it be humbling? You bet! But 4 weeks on this program will have you feeling like a GOD!

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