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Our gym's classes are designed with an emphasis on strength training. Our goal is lasting change. You can hit the treadmill, take spin classes, and do burpess until you're blue in the face. But, those exercises simply do not build the muscle and strength that actually changes the shape of the body. Strength training gives you the same fat loss benefits while building muscle and strength that will stay with you for the long haul. Being stronger makes everyday life easier. And that toned, athletic look that strength training provides simply doesn't come from a spin bike or a treadmill. 



Our mentality is simple. If you control how you eat, you control how you look and feel. If you control how you look and feel, you've just gained a SUPERPOWER! Managing your eating is a skill that you want to learn for life. That's why we don't believe in fad dieting or "diet sprinting." We spend the time to educate you on the tools necessary to become aware of how you are currently eating and adjust it gradually to meet your goals. We won't ask you give up the foods you love or get on a complicated meal system. The best habits for your eating are the ones that fit your life.


At Strength Academy, you will never walk the path to progress alone. Pursuing your goals requires CHANGE, and change can be hard. That's what we are here to help with. Being a part of the Strength Academy community is a massive contributor to the success of our members. Whether its your first class or your 100th, all of our members receive support from one another. When you become a member, you are not simply joining a group fitness class. You are joining a team of like-minded individuals who gather together to better themselves.

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