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IRON HOUR is our flagship strength training class. In this class, we focus on strict execution and improvement of our most effective traditional weightlifting exercises. IRON HOUR classes run a progressive program each month where we prioritize a handful of movements and muscle groups to improve upon. At the beginning of the month, a new program is issued with new movements and muscle groups.  This is the best class for those seeking to maximize strength and muscularity. 


Tues & Thurs

DYNAMIC STRENGTH is our version of HIIT training with a focus on strength. This fast-paced class uses a mixture of heart rate elevation and muscle isolation exercises with one goal in mind: increase your capacity to WORK!

 DYNAMIC STRENGTH classes change the priority movements and muscle groups every workout and use constant variation to keep your body guessing. This class is an excellent complement to our IRON HOUR program and a fan favorite for people that love to sweat!




WEEKEND WARRIOR is our hybrid workout. This high-energy class will have you moving through the room from station to station. Every class is unique and utilizes movements not typically seen in our weekly classes. WEEKEND WARRIOR is a great all-in-one workout to cap off a hard week of training.

Family and friends in town visiting? Have them drop-in for a class! We love new faces at STRENGTH ACADEMY.

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